Choosing Protein Powder In Thailand

When it comes to choosing a brand of protein powder in Thailand or indeed any country there are a few points to consider. Firstly Whey Isolate or Whey Concentrate. Whey Isolate is more expensive than Concentrate because it goes through an extra filtering process which makes it more of a pure protein and therefore if you must choose between one or the other Isolate is probably the best choice, however Whey concentrate is an excellent source of protein if you are on a smaller budget. Because of the differences in the two they are assimilated by the body in different ways ans so an ideal choice is a blend of both Isolates and Concentrates.

Buying Protein Powder In Thailand

Nutritional FactsWhen looking for the best deal to buy your protein blend you should first check what sort of protein it is ( i.e 100% whey isolate or whey concentrate ) and then look at the NET Weight of the contents. It is an easy mistake to find a huge container of protein powder in some of the health shops and pharmacies only to find that when you open it, it’s only half full. The size of the tub makes no difference its the content inside that is of value here.

You should always check on the ingredients or nutritional facts label for the percentage of protein also ( sometimes this can be hard to establish in Thailand because many of the brands labels are in Thai and even some of the imported brands have a label in Thai language stuck over the original label, but a good brand will have the details in english also ). When you are looking at the protein percentage you should be seeing 70% or more protein. Fat percentage should be a minimum. This will ensure you are getting a high quality product that will yield the best results and benefits for you. Anything less than 70% protein means it contains a large amount of binder or filler and a higher percentage of fat and cholesterol.

Where to Buy Protein Powder

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As we have mentioned there are a few brands of protein which are made in Thailand and you can generally fins them in the larger pharmacies for example the ones inside the large supermarket complexes like Tesco Lotus Superstore. Many other pharmacies also stock both Thai and Imported Protein … if you are in Sukhumvit (near  Soi 15), you can find Merikan brand high quality protein powder in one of the pharmacies and it is about 2500 bht for 5lb which although more than you will pay in western countries is quite a good deal. Very often the prices you will find here in Thailand are three or four times what you would normally expect to pay for your protein.

If you want the best quality of any sports and nutrition supplements it is probably best to find and Imported brand. There are a few companies that import protein powder and other supplements from the USA and they can be found online.

Online Protein Powder

When ordering online the same checks or rules apply as we have mentioned above. Protein % and even expiry date MUST be checked if you purchase from one WELL KNOWN Thai website ( who we shall not name for obvious reasons ), But they sell powder which is ONLY 30% protein and also I have know of them selling protein powder in bulk for cheap but is was way past its expiry date! Which is why we recommend only  one online shop for protein Thailand Supplements.Co.