There are a number of different ways that we can lose fat and gain muscle.  I’m sure that you already understand that eating the proper foods combined with exercising regularly is absolutely one of the best ways to get rid of unwanted body fat and increase muscular density. The problem for many people is keeping this up for a long time.  Many people find it too much effort or simply feel they can not exercise to the point where it would make a significant difference in their life at all.  In order to burn fat or build muscle the level of intensity needed is often far more than the average person is willing to put in. If this sounds familiar to you, then more than likely you are suffering from a sluggish metabolism and gaining weight is just something you accept as part of getting older or simply part of life. However there are some things you can do without having to increase the level of exercise you are doing and still give a huge boost to your metabolism. By taking the right supplements you can quickly give your metabolism a regular boost.

A great natural supplement that can fire up your metabolism and is readily available is green tea. If you like to drink tea several times a day, then drinking green tea can give great benefits. For those of us who do not have the time to drink tea regularly during the day or do not enjoy drinking tea then there are pills available that are made from green tea extract which are perfect for the purpose of boosting your metabolism. Another reason for taking green tea by whatever means suits you is that it is well known and proven to contain some of the worlds strongest natural antioxidants. The environment we live and thrive in now is also an environment that produces huge amounts of toxins and generates damaging free radicals in all of us which our body has to constantly fight a battle with to remain healthy. Green tea and its antioxidants helps remove these and makes the job of our internal organs much easier, and our bodies healthier.

There are also some other things we can do and even some normal foods we can eat more of to boost metabolism. There are other supplements available as well which boost metabolism but it makes sense when taking ANY supplement to ensure it is derived from a natural source and is not a cocktail of man made chemicals. Taking many non natural chemicals into your body in an attempt to fool your body into functioning differently can be dangerous and also usually results in a yo-yo effect where by if you stop taking them your body reverts back to its old state. So what better way to make changes to your body than by natural changes in dietary habit. Making a few simple changes to the things you eat and drink can greatly improve your health, reduce body fat and increase muscle even without extra exercise.