Gold Standard 100% Whey ProteinWhen it comes to high quality protein powder, Optimum Nutrition has been leading the way and supplying whey protein to the world for many years. The US based company exports it top quality sports supplements to many countries now including Thailand.

Here we take a look at their popular protein powder Gold Standard Whey Protein

Gold standard 100% Whey is a blend of micro-filtered whey protein isolates, Ion-exchanged isolates as well as ultra-filtered concentrate and Hydrolyzed whey peptides.

Hydrolyzed Whey Peptides

Hydrolyzed whey peptides consist of proteins broken down into smaller peptides which enables the body to absorb and utilize them faster. Whey protein isolates and Hydrolyzed whey peptides are really the best forms of protein powder money can buy.

It also contains 8 essential amino acids ( EAA’s ) , 6 conditionally essential amino acids ( CAA’s ) , and 4 nonessential amino acids ( NAA’s ) plus whey protein micro-fractions and Glutamine and precursors and over 5 g of BCAA’s in each scoop.

Each serving ( one scoop mixed with either non-fat milk or water ) provides 24g of protein. It mixes easily in a shaker or blender or can be just stirred in a glass and still dissolves easily plus it tastes great .

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