Protein powder in Thailand is more expensive generally that purchasing while in the US or UK. The reason is the process of making high quality protein powder is not cheap and most of the better quality protein you can buy in Thailand is imported. The import tax bumps the price up a lot and that is why a US brand protein supplement like high quality whey protein cost so much more in Thailand.

The demand by Thais for protein powder is not as large as in western companies and so even Thai protein powder is expensive. It has been mentioned on some forums that protein powder is illegal in Thailand. This is completely untrue, protein powder is completely legal, you can bring it over in your suitcase if you are traveling and many health companies now import protein powder from the USA for sale in Thailand.

The larger Thai Pharmacies usually stock ‘Proflex’ which is a whey isolate and made in Thailand but costs around 1500 Thai Baht for 700g. You would definitely pay much less than that for 1KG of a similar product in the UK and could quite probably get 2KG for less in the US.

There are other to buy protein both in shops and via online stores if you know where to look, which is why we created this website protein powder in Thailand.